Meet The Team

Here is a quick update on our team,  Laura Morris joined in the summer 2019.  Laura is an Osteopath who trained at the British School of Osteopathy (now renamed as University College of Osteopathy or UCO).

We are now a group of 3 Osteopaths all with different areas of special interest and different ways of working, kept well organised by our practice manager Liz!

The best things about the practice is that we are a team who are greatly interested in what we do, I believe that this is what makes us different.  I’m proud to work with all my colleagues and feel we have a huge amount to offer our patients.

Osteopaths tend to work slightly differently from each other so it’s definitely not a case of  ‘One size fits all’.

James Horwood (B Ost)

“I very much enjoy the problem-solving part of my job.  It starts with detective work, piecing together the information from my patients with the findings from our assessments and then coming up the plan to solve the problem.  I tend to see mostly adult patients and I work using hands on techniques improving how the joints and muscles work.  This often means direct work to the muscle tissue, stretching, improving the mobility of joints and giving advice on how my patients can help themselves.”

Amy Horwood (B Ost)

“I work with patients of all ages from birth onwards!  In the years since qualifying I have continued to build and develop my knowledge and skills in treating babies and children completing various post graduate courses.  I use a mix of gentle Cranial techniques, soft tissue and joint mobilisation treatments to help my patients.  I find these work very well not just with the very young patients but also those adult patients who benefit from a more gentle approach.”

Laura Morris (M.Ost)

“My areas of interest cover a broad range from sports injuries to womens health. I am currently finishing postgraduate training to enhance my osteopathic management for children and babies.  Before training to be an Osteopath I worked in mental health, delivering confidence building workshops to those in chronic pain. I have also been a Doula for 12 years and have a lot of experience with expectant mums.  Whilst training as an osteopath I also trained as a sports massage therapist taking a special interest in running injuries. I’m now in a great position to be able to help my patients using my past experience alongside the Osteopathic treatment.”