Covid-19 Update

We are very pleased to continue seeing patients in the practice, providing valuable hands-on Osteopathic treatment.

We have adapted how we organise our clinic to make the working environment safe and practical for our patients and staff. Following Public Health England and Institute of Osteopathy guidelines the current adaptations have been made within the practice.

What we are doing…

  • We automatically send out a pre-screening questionnaire to all patients before their appointment to check that they have not had any Coronavirus / Covid 19 symptoms or that they have not knowingly been in contact with anyone else who has had similar.
  • Ask all patients to use the hand sanitiser in the entrance on arrival and departure.
  • We have introduced gaps between appointments to allow time to aerate the treatment rooms and sanitise all necessary surfaces. It also means we are ready for our next patient so no need to wait in reception areas, minimising any cross over between people.
  • We have removed all linen coverings from the treatment rooms and replaced them with wipeable covers and wipeable pillow cases.
  • We are wearing PPE as directed by PHE and we are supplying patients with a mask to wear during contact time in the clinic.

We are asking all our patients to…

  • Not to come in if they have any Coronavirus / Covid 19 symptoms or if any of their household / contacts also have symptoms.
  • Wear a face covering / mask while in the clinic.
  • Arrive on time for their appointment, try not to be early to avoid possible waiting.
  • Please leave any unessential belongings at home or locked in your car.
  • Attend their appointment on their own unless they wish to have a chaperone present.
  • Consider what “risk group” you are in. If you are in a “High risk” group please speak to us before booking an appointment for advice.

We will continue to work in accordance with official recommendations as they change over time.

We look forward to seeing you.

From all the team at Clevedon Osteopathic Practice